Mantong Kitchen

Man Tong in Chinese means full house. It is a tradition in China to have a house filled with family and friends’ dining together for a special occasion or a simple get-together, and that is exactly what Man Tong is about, bringing people together.

Man Tong Kitchen is a premium restaurant located in Melbourne’s Famous Crown Casino that boasts of opulent surroundings and delectable dishes such as the famous Xiao Long Bao and Peking Duck.

Man Tong creates unique culinary experiences for people who enjoy authentic Chinese food ranging from different cities in China. Man Tong Kitchen is a cooking pot of culinary ingenuity, skillful chefs, dazzling food and the highest standards of service.

As you step into Man Tong Kitchen, you will be transported into an atmosphere that reflects China’s incredible cultural elements and flavours. The spacious dining area comfortably seats 200 diners and features four private dining areas for meetings, events and special occasions.

Man Tong symbolises happiness and fulfillment.

  • Restaurant Address Level 1, West End, Crown Entertainment Complex, Southbank
  • Restaurant Type Premium Dining