Our journey started with a single restaurant. What is now a hero of Melbourne’s food scene began as an ode to the street food of Beijing’s alleyways.

Hu Tong may have started as a humble reminder of a homeland, but it has since grown to become an icon for Melbourne’s insatiable appetite for dumplings. Since that beginning, Golden Age Group has evolved and diversified our restaurant portfolio to include numerous venues and cuisines – each unique in style, but united by a commitment to authenticity.

We choose to broaden our minds and our palettes

Golden Age Group is forever reaching into new spaces. Our restaurants and cafés demonstrate a diversity in influence, flavour and experience – perfect for the food-centric city of Melbourne.

Feeding our future in Melbourne’s restaurant scene

From the oriental flavours of Beijing to the traditional patisseries of Paris, Melbourne is a welcome home for cultured cuisine. While our first restaurant seeded a tradition, our latest brings quality pastries and coffee to bustling city life. We believe authenticity and diversity are the reasons behind our sustained growth in one of the greatest dining scenes in the world.