At Golden Age Group, our love for investment runs deep. It is not just bricks and mortar, steel and glass… we are just as passionate about grazing farmland, forestry and grassland management as part of one great cycle. Our agricultural team has been principally involved in production and investment for 25 years in organic farmland, cutting-edge technologies and facilities.

For a sustainable future, we use science

Business management systems coupled with working knowledge of soil science, plant biology and animal breeding, has fostered a compost-based program. Alongside Kilter Rural, our team works to improve the viability of farms through organic and sustainable solutions.

We are investing in the health of agricultural business

Our Agriculture portfolio has grown rapidly, from sourcing and importing fresh produce into the local market, to the sourcing and exportation of Australian red meat and its by-products to feed the world’s growing appetite for quality products.

Our belief in investing in real people and real quality food has ensued in the development of lasting relationships with leading livestock producers across Australia, who have been farming for generations. Our trusted suppliers employ sustainable, best practice farming so we can be confident our products are of the highest quality and good for the environment.

Golden Age Group aims to capture the growing demand in the market through further investments into organic farmlands, technologies and facilities, as well as recognising potential to expand into other protein and agricultural-related products.