The success of Golden Age Group would not be as sweet if we were to just enjoy it alone. As our standing in the Australian property market grows, so too does the opportunity for investors. With technical skill and incredible forethought, our investment team have grown the portfolio of Golden Age Group and are proud to offer a wealth of opportunity to you.

Working towards a shared future

We might move fast, but we always gather our market intelligence and expertise before jumping in. It is not caution, but more a deep consideration for the future of our investment, which in turn could be yours. We will continue to seek exciting and smart investment ventures that feel right for us, our values, and our people.

The first and the fastest

When we act on an opportunity, we do so with urgency and thoughtfulness in equal measure. We aim to always be first – ahead of the pack – so that you are there with us. Hotels, restaurants, agriculture and international trade are existing assets for Golden Age Group, and we are exploring education, medicine and logistics to build our portfolio.

We celebrate our cultural knowledge and sector expertise in equal measure. It is the combination of these factors that give us the courage to seize investment opportunities, and the confidence to drive economic growth for ourselves, our partners and our community.

Sam Xiang Managing Director of Golden Age Investment