Our vision is full of gold. To us, investment means much more than an exchange of money. Working with our clients to build their portfolio is a partnership. It is a shared experience, and a quest for prosperity that feels stable and long-lasting.



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    We understand funds, but we understand people too

    The Golden Age Capital team is united by their global business and investment expertise – all for the benefit of those wanting to invest in secure assets. Our expertise crosses oceans and cultures, and this deep understanding of global markets mean we can be a conduit between them.

    With an independent perspective, a global distribution platform and partnerships with international institutional investment houses, Golden Age Capital offers a fully integrated business model for clients seeking investment within Australian assets.

    We make a habit of turning potential into progress

    Our team is experienced in funds management, residential and commercial property development, financing and real estate investment management. We work with trusted equity partners to deliver superior return on investment. Despite our experience in these areas, it is not where we will stay. Innovation and exploration are in our blood, so we will keep digging into new markets. We will forever seek new opportunities, weigh up the findings and dive in where we see the potential for exceptional outcomes.

    Our deep understanding of global markets enables us to hone in on our visions and execute them with conviction. This cross-cultural proficiency means we have the specialists to deliver professional advice on the right kind of investments.

    Shelley Du Chief Financial Officer