The industries we inhabit – property, capital and investment – are fast; so we push forward into new ventures with speed, but never haste; and when it is right, we act – deliberately, confidently, urgently – for the future we are designing is full of creativity, progress and richness, in more ways than one.

A golden age for the future

A period of great creativity and exploration; a time of international respect; an era of exponential progress.

There is a ‘golden age’ in history to match all such descriptions. Now, it is time to look to a future where we unite all those things in one. At Golden Age Group, we strive to do just that. While it may sound bold, we have the courage and nous to back us. Through a commitment to quality, collaboration and keeping our minds ahead of today, our golden age is a prosperous one. To foster this reality, we use three words to guide us:

See. Think. Act.


See. Think. Act.

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Industries & cultures united as one

Golden Age Group began in 2006 when our founder, Jeff Xu, brought experience, partnerships and a keen level of tenacity to the property development industry. Over the decade in which Golden Age Group has been in the market, we have ignited extraordinary growth across property, capital and investments. These portfolios now include restaurants, hotels, agriculture and international trade relationships.

Golden Age Group still nurtures partnerships in both the Chinese and Australian markets, and seeks new ventures with pluck and confidence. Our sophisticated knowledge of cultural, business and market drivers has been a significant part of our success because we know that through quality, speed, humility and partnership, the future can be Golden.

A commitment to excellence, innovation and loyalty underpins all of our projects, whilst our experience and expert knowledge allows us to take an innovative approach to overcome any challenge. These qualities are at the heart of everything we do.

Jeff Xu Founder & Managing Director