*Denotes Mandatory Fields

85 Spring Street
Melbourne, Victoria

Awash with the history of Melbourne CBD’s very first residential street, 85 Spring Street is “a total work of art” – a product of deep consideration and attention to detail.

We use the term “Gesamtkunstwerk” to signify the building’s totality: shell, accessories/ furnishing, art and landscape. The handpicked concrete slabs bear the fingerprints of their maker. The custom-made lights carry the details of their intention – entirely unique to this project. The nooks, crannies, fixtures and fittings all tell a tale of quality and delight for those who interact with them.

85 Spring Street feels like a personification of Golden Age Group’s commitment to quality and lifestyle. For us, it is personal.

  • Location Melbourne, VIC
  • Project Type Residential, Retail
  • Project Information 39 Levels, 138 Apartment
  • Architect Bates Smart