Golden Age Group has established a long-term partnership with NGV, proudly supporting NGV Triennial and the NGV Summer Architecture Commission.

National Gallery of Victoria

 We want to provide equal opportunity for all to see some of the world’s best art pieces exploring varying expressions of beauty and emotion. Our sponsorship of the NGV Triennial will give the broader public access to appreciate these masterpieces for free.

As property developers, we appreciate architecture and design as a form of art, which is why we partner with NGV to flourish the field of art-chitecture in the property landscape. We hope that at the intersection of contemporary expressions and real estate, people will form a new perspective on the possibility of diversification of urban development, and to re-examine the relationship between city, community, construction and living.

This union of art-chitecture reflects the aesthetic integration that is the hallmark of Golden Age Group. We are creators of an idealistic habitat culture, creating a fresh new direction in residential products. Combined with Melbourne’s unique urban appreciation and the introduction of a wide range of artistic activities, we can build a city of cultural sharing, leverage the avant-garde art, and build a better living space.